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Make your videos special!

A truly great video should touch, connect, and inspire people. And most importantly break through all barriers. We help your videos reach the visually impaired by offering professional video description services. Even the tiniest details of your videos are not missed!

Let your images speak…

We have a passion for translating images into text. All your videos are listened to several times by our video description experts. And we offer frame by frame, detailed narration scripts. As video descriptions are an audio only version of your videos it is important that you work with someone who is obsessed with details. And VideoTranscriptionStar eats, sleeps, and breathes videos!

Our describers describe plot points and visual elements accurately in our narration scripts. We provide video description scripts that describe clothes, settings, facial expressions, body language, speaker identification, and include details about scene changes as well.

Relaying information…

The FCC has mandated that visual description be available for emergency information in television channels. Television broadcasters reply on our video describers to convey important and emergency news information to the visually impaired. As we offer video describing services for live streaming videos it helps journalists to deliver key visual information to the visually impaired effortlessly.




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We take your video everywhere!

Whether, it is a crowded, jostling bus which makes viewing videos a nightmare. Or a visually impaired person trying to make sense of videos, we take your videos everywhere.

• We offer video description scripts for television programs, feature films, documentaries, online videos and DVDs.

• Our expert video describers offer HTML5 video descriptions.

• Whether it is audio scripts or voice over scripts we deliver what you need at amazing costs and speed.

• Our services are available 24/7 so you can pick up that phone anytime and give us a call.

For more information call us @ 1 877 323 4707.

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Videotranscriptionstar loves videos! Our office is always busy with videos streaming in all through the day. We transcribe, subtitle and caption your videos. And bring in a decade of expertise to the table.

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