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Everybody loves a good story. Video production companies spend every bit of energy to create compelling visual stories. But it isn't just path-breakingly fresh content or visual beauty that is important. Being clearly understood most certainly is. Whether you create corporate videos, web campaigns, motion graphics or promotional videos, we help you be understood.

What can we do for your videos?

• Provide accurate transcripts and include every visual detail and tiny nuance in your video.

• Offer subtitles that are created using best of class vtr's and character generators. We also ensure our subtitles are compatible with all major authoring systems.

Captioning solutions that can make your video stand out from the crowd.

• Video description services.

Who we work with…

We've worked with video podcasters, YouTube video enthusiasts, television and media production houses, corporate and training video promoters and the list can run to the next ten pages!



  • Video Production Transcription




We've handled small, medium and huge projects and are the most scalable video transcription option in town. Whatever your budget or scale of work is you can turn to us. No matter what the recording format or genre of video, is, get a transcript you will absolutely love!

No two videos are alike…

Every project we receive is unique. We've transcribed no nonsense corporate videos and wildly innovative motion graphics videos and everything else in the middle. We understand that each project is the product of lots of passion and sleepless nights. And that is why we offer not just the perfect transcript, caption or subtitle but push the envelope and offer custom built options and solutions.

We don't choose for you!

And that is the best part of working with us. We all hate other people making choices for us, whether it is ordering dessert or looking for video transcription services. You can opt for a time stamped or time coded transcript. Request for speaker identified transcripts. Ask for dvd subtitles that are compatible with authoring systems, or captions that are attractive and stand out from the crowd.

Don't settle for less unless it's your price!

We ensure that you don't have to settle for anything less than what you exactly need! Our video transcription, subtitling and captioning services are tuned in to cater to every demand. Our prices are light on the pocket and the most reasonable in town. We love racing ahead and are always ahead of deadlines

Call up a Videotranscriptionstar executive today to know why we are on all counts a smart choice.

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Videotranscriptionstar loves videos! Our office is always busy with videos streaming in all through the day. We transcribe, subtitle and caption your videos. And bring in a decade of expertise to the table.

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