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A transcript that is as painstakingly created as your online training video!

There is an undoubted high in facing the camera. The web is filled with pretty instructors who conduct online classes. Apart from great commentary, visuals, and yes, a good looking instructor, it is a transcript that can add that magical touch to your videos. We offer a perfect transcript, and a lot more…

If these, are your concerns…

• Receiving a bill that wipes out half your life's savings

• Making a dozen calls to remind about the missed deadline

• And, finding a transcriber who, understands your accent, and inability to record in a studio

We have the solutions!

Our online training video transcription services are affordably priced and 40% lower than what most transcribers charge. We never miss deadlines and our tat packages are consistent, customizable and thoroughly convenient. Oops what about your accent? Don't worry we are not going to send a transcript with more blanks than words to you. We understand all accents.


Online Video Transcription




Upload your transcript free of cost!

If you are a training video instructor you probably have a million things to do! Dealing with bouquets, brickbats and working on making the next viral video. We love making things easy for our clients. If you give us the link to the site your video is hosted we can upload the transcript absolutely free of cost!

We also offer transcripts in any document format you need such as pdf downloads or html scripts.

Offers that will leave a smile on your face!

Ok so you get a good transcript at rates that don't hurt your purse-strings. But is there anything we bring to the table that makes it absolutely necessary you work with us? Yes, it is our mind blowing offers.

You get up to 25% price discount for heavy volumes of work, if you tag your friends along you can avail of a group discount. And if you spread the word around and refer our services, you could get a referral discount as a token of our love!

Get on the phone with us at 1 877 323 4707 for more great offers and yes lots of reasons to smile!

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Videotranscriptionstar loves videos! Our office is always busy with videos streaming in all through the day. We transcribe, subtitle and caption your videos. And bring in a decade of expertise to the table.

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