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Lost in translation?!

Almost all of us have gone through the horrific experience of sitting through badly subtitled videos. Subtitles can go awfully awry leaving viewers dazed. There are several hilarious screengrabs and videos with subtitles that make you wonder if it was transcribed by a 3 year old. To prevent your video from becoming the butt of jokes work with a professional subtitling team.

It is not just adding text to videos!

Subtitling is a complex process better left to the professionals. For years VideoTranscriptionStar has helped those who need to subtitle their videos, get perfect subtitles at the lowest of costs. We have a team of subtitlers who eat, breathe and sleep videos!

Want to know what happens in the engine room?

• We spot your footage and determine the in and out times of all subtitles.

• Send your videos to our experienced translators.

• We format and time the translated text to the audio.

• We use hyphens, quotation marks and italics whenever necessary.

• In the simulation process we check if the subtitles can be read in a natural way.

• Our quality analysis team proofs through all the subtitles to check for errors.

• Your subtitles are provided in a format that is compliant with all DVD authoring systems.



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Specialists at subtitling web videos!

The number of web videos we watch everyday will make any teen jealous. It is the flexibility and professionalism we offer that makes our office one of the busiest in town. Our web video subtitles are in the .SRT format as it supported by most media players.We provide multi-language subtitles and subtitles for the hearing impaired.

What else we have on offer?!

Apart from subtitles we also offer…

• Captions

• NLE captions

• Video descriptions

• Transcoding services

• And subtitles for streaming videos…

For video transcription services that are all that you expected call 1 877 323 4707.

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Videotranscriptionstar loves videos! Our office is always busy with videos streaming in all through the day. We transcribe, subtitle and caption your videos. And bring in a decade of expertise to the table.

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