Learning Through Skype

The whole world is a classroom!

It is a good time to be a student. Boring lectures, jaded lecturers and chaotic classrooms are passé. Skype classrooms have elbowed out traditional ways of learning. True knowledge is exposure to life. And young children are given the freedom to look beyond textbooks.

How many of us had a chance to talk with a UN representative while in eighth grade? Pretty slim! Five eighth grade students spoke with Mr Abdel-Rahman Ghandour recently. The deputy director of communications, for the United Nations Development Program, spoke through video chat to students of the Thomas Grover Middle school.

Putting Skype to good use!

Teachers across the globe have put Skype to good use. They have hit upon innovative learning methods to engage students.

We track a few popular ways teachers are using Skype to make education more lively, fun and communicative.

Organizing author visits…

Elusive authors who live in the woods belong to the yellowing pages of history. Authors and illustrators visit their tiny readers regularly. Through Skype of course! Arranging for guest lecture sessions and author visits can make even students with the shortest of attention spans, sit up and take notice.

Making students from different classes to brainstorm!

You can make students from different classes to throw ideas and discuss projects. Bright students can be assigned to take classes and read out to the students who are finding it difficult to catch up.

You can also make seniors to take classes to junior students. This will not only make students learn quickly but also create healthy bonds.

Virtual field trips to perk up a boring Wednesday…

You are exploring a museum or art gallery and so wish your students were there! You don’t have to make a mental note to bundle them into the bus next weekend. You’ll just have to make a quick video call and share your experience with your students. Virtual field trips are in as teachers feel it is more secure, quick and easy to organize.

Getting rid of cultural blocks!

Exchange students are usually treated like exotic species. Not anymore. Invite exchange students on Skype, to, acclimatize, themselves. It will also give your students a chance to get acquainted with their new buddies.

Not very far into the future Skype will become an indispensable part of classrooms. And classes without Skype will be unheard of.

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